Happy to Report that I Got a Few Nibbles

I got a few nibbles from my search for a new job.  My supervisor and my co-worker, whom I used as references, received a survey about me to a High School where I applied as a legal secretary in their legal department.  If I work for a school, the pay will be less, but my student loans could be forgiven after a number of years.

Being a school, they can’t possibly be as busy as we were at the law firm, Sedgwick, which is dissolving on January 20th.  And I doubt that the attorney in the legal department will have travel arrangements to be made.

At work right now, there is little to do, so yesterday I looked up the top 50 law firms in Kansas City and copied them and their addresses to a list that I then emailed to my home email address.  I will email all fifty law firms, attaching me email and a cover letter, and see how many responses I get.

Meanwhile, here at Wealthy Affiliate, I keep plugging away at my website, sharing my story and introducing people to Wealthy Affiliate (WA for short).  I have belonged to WA since November 2017 and I really enjoy the step-by-step training.  But most of all I enjoy the community of people who keep in touch by way of in-program blogging.  We have some of the most sincere and intelligent people in our community where we can ask a question, or just share what is going on with us.

It is free to join Wealthy Affiliate.  If you would like to sign in to see if it’s a good fit for you, just click on the WA logo.  Once you sign in, you can go right into training by clicking on the green button that says Start Here.  No credit card needed.  I knew nothing about creating a website when I started, but after just a month, I had created five websites on different subjects.



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