On Beyond Christmas

I’m thinking about the minimum amount of money I held myself to for Christmas this year.  I’m not even putting up the stockings this year because it would encourage my family to spend even more to fill the stockings.

I got my teenage granddaughter a travel kit of skin cleaning brushes and a tri-folding mirror that lights up.  She stays at her friends’ houses so much that she’ll definitely use it.  I also got her a wooden carved ballerina.

I got my 35 year old daughter a different set of skin cleaning brushes and a drinking glass with her favorite decal applied – a flowery skull.

I got my two-year old granddaughter a big stuffed Hedgehog.  She has so many hedgehogs of various materials and sizes.  Her birthday was December 20th, so I already got her two other stuffed toys.

And I got the family several bars of Halva (sesame seed paste) candy.  It is yummy and good for you.

So thinking on beyond Christmas I won’t have large bills coming in from Credit Cards because I only used the minimum for Christmas Shopping and I actually started well before Thanksgiving.  So I spaced out my shopping.

I also treated myself to a few turtle neck sweaters from Land’s end.  They are so soft and fit just right.

If you went whole hog and used the credit cards for high-expense items, you may want some help after the New Year.

Did you know that most personal bankruptcies are filed right after the New Year?  That’s sometimes the only option that people have after maxing out their credit cards.  They often don’t even have enough money to pay their monthly bills on them.  If you are in this position, you want to definitely see a credit counselor.  Many offer their services for free.

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4 thoughts on “On Beyond Christmas”

  1. Roy says:

    I have been a wealthy affiliate premium member for 10 months now and want to just make sure that you understand that is not a get rich quick online concept. Wealthy Affiliate is brilliant as it provides excellent training and and guidance and has a community of members who are always ready to help. But it takes time, effort and perseverance. Only if you are driven from within will you make a success of this wonderful opportunity.

    1. Debra Beatty says:

      Yes, this is true.  You get out of it what you put into it.  Much like a job.  If you don’t give 100% on the job, you won’t get good raises, and may soon not have a job. 

  2. Weston says:

    Thank you for sharing some tips on how to stay out of debt through the holidays. My wife and I also start buying gifts early and have a budgeted amount to spend for Christmas gifts. We don’t even use credit cards so that we aren’t tempted to overspend.

    Buying gifts should be a fun and enjoyable thing. When people spend money they don’t have then they won’t enjoy this special season as much. The holidays can be stressful. There’s no point in making it more stressful by overspending.

    Like you, I also highly recommend Wealthy Affiliate as an option to earn extra money. It provides the freedom most people want and has the potential to earn you some real cash.

    Thank you for sharing.


    1. Debra Beatty says:

      Thank you for your timely comment.  We can all learn from your example.  Happy Holidays!

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